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Corporate Calamity (part 14)

Trunks flew on aimlessly, not really caring where his ki was taking him. His mind was on a flight of its own. *Life sucks* was all his genius intellect could interpret at this time. The blood coursing through his body was seething with anger. He needed to vent, be it physically or mentally. Naturally, true to his saiyan instincts, his choice was already made for him...the physical. Why would it be anything else?

Luck was on Trunks' side for once. He pulled up short and mid-flight. Standing in his way, as he had a few times before, with arms crossed and face stern, was his father.

"Opting to leave work early once again?" Vegeta asked, but it sounded more like a taunt.

"None of your damn business." Trunks muttered knowing full well he was asking for it with such a bold, disrespectful statement.

A corner of Vegeta's mouth curled upward into a smirk. The boy was asking for it. It was a father's right to punish his offspring was it not? As long as he wasn't killed, Bulma would accept that much. And, from what Vegeta could read through his son, Bulma had already experienced some sort of outburst at the office.

"Oh, but it is." was all Vegeta bothered to say.

Trunks half expected as much. "What? You going to scold me, give me a lecture about me goofing off, then drag me back to the office?"

"If only it were that easy." Vegeta smugly replied.

Trunks wasn't quite expecting an ambiguous answer such as that. It threw off predictability now. He had to wonder what his father was up to. A direct challenge didn't seem so obvious a choice anymore. So, Trunks would do what Trunks knew best...weasel out of trouble with smooth talk and deception. Of course it probably wouldn't work on a warrior who used few words and many fists, but perhaps it would at least cause the saiyan prince to question his son's actions. That little bit of doubt could mean life or death for Trunks.

"Let me be. I've already had to spew a lecture to mom. I don't need to repeat it. I'm sure you'll hear enough of it when you see her again."

"Don't think you'll get off that easy."


Vegeta's smirk snaked across his lips as Trunks returned the trait. There was nothing quite as refreshing as getting the living pulp beaten out of you after an already hard day's work.

"Your move." Vegeta replied as he anticipated his son's first onslaught. Trunks removed his suit's jacket and vest then ripped off the tie and white oxford shirt. His chest was now fully revealed and his muscles free to move about without restraint. Eventhough Trunks was expecting to smooth talk his way out, he had to show his father the other alternative. It was a huge bluff, but the Vegeta bloodline was known for such. Whether or not it would work on its own blood remained to be seen.

Vegeta could tell from Trunks' relaxed chest muscles that his son wasn't fully into a physical battle. His shoulder and neck muscles however, displayed otherwise as they remained taught. So, Trunks was still mulling over fight or flight in his mind. No matter, Vegeta could care less. His boy deserved a beating if only for placing Bulma in a bad mood of which Vegeta would have to live with later in the evening.

"Indecisiveness will get you killed boy." Vegeta said as he lobbed a ki blast in his son's direction. It accelerated as it drew nearer to its intended target.

Trunks' sharp eyes detected the speed increase and his inner senses picked up the amount of energy put into the blast. His father wasn't serious yet. With a shrug of disappointment and and air of laziness, Trunks deflected it away with the flick of a wrist.

"Pathetic dad. You're slipping in your old age. I was once taught by a warrior that one should finish his enemy off quickly and not toy with him."

"Then fight and stop talking."

Trunks lunged forward in a reckless and very careless manner. His sloppiness was nothing for his father's sharp fighting skills. Vegeta honed in on a striking point between Trunks' lower ribs and sent his son to the ground, gasping for the air that escaped his lungs.

"To think I am related to you. How sad." Vegeta replied from above as Trunks struggled to make his way out of the fountain he had plummeted into. People strolling about were suddenly shrieking in panic upon noticing a body having fallen from the air. They gave way when noticing the other body hovering in mid-air. Obviously there was a battle occurring between the two and nobody wanted to be stuck in the middle.

Trunks launched back into the air, a ki blast leading his entrance back into the wild blue yonder. All Vegeta had to do was lean his head slightly left to avoid the blast. With blinding speed, Vegeta slipped behind his son, balled his fists and sent a firm blow to Trunks' back. His spine and nervous system temporarily paralized, Trunks plummeted to the ground once again.

A nearby news reporter was soon distracted from her news interview when the news van collapsed inward from an impact upon its roof. Trunks groaned and remained within the twisted metal hole of the van. His plan to smooth talk wasn't going to be allowed a chance to form. Vegeta had called his bluff and wasn't going to give him an opportunity to talk. It was fight or get beaten.

The two news crew members nearest the van approached it to investigate as another trained the camera in the same direction. The news lady also prepared to cover this latest 'breaking' news. Other bystanders were also beginning to crowd in curiousity.

Trunks slowly removed himself from the huge van divot and stood upon it, eyeing his father's whereabouts. Still, his father was not into the fight seriously. If he were, Trunks would've been pounded before he could regain his feet once again.

Trunks stood and wiped blood from the corner of his mouth and grimaced at the nasty slice on his shoulder that streaked blood down his right bicep. Upon realizing he'd been bloodied, he immediately powered up into his super saiyan form, the news reporter instantly recognized him. This would be news indeed. She ordered the cameraman to zoom in on the other figure to identify him. It was 'old' news that the young president of Capsule Corporation was also a 'golden warrior' and one of Earth's defenders, but who was his adversary? Was Earth in danger? Was Trunks heroically trying to be their champion?

"Black spike-haired dude. Kinda short and stocky, but very muscular. Rather mean looking with an evil looking smirk too." The cameraman said as he looked through his lens.

"Hey wait, doesn't Chairwoman Bulma have a man that fits that description? Which would mean, oh my! This fight is against father and son!!!" the news lady said excitedly at being the only one at the scene to cover this latest juicy scoop. Quickly she fidgeted with her hair and clothes before setting up to go live with her coincidental but great news bit.

Trunks was prepared to launch when suddenly he noticed the flashes of camera lights out of the corners of his eyes. There were too many people about to fight fully here. His sensitive saiyan hearing heard the news reporter beginning to deliver news about this current event. Nothing was going right for him! All he wanted was some time alone so he could be one with his own thoughts. Life wasn't even kind enough to grant him that. In a flash, Trunks launched, blasted the news cameras then arced back towards his father. Foolish, yes. Stupid, yes. But what did he have to lose? Nothing was going right anyway. If he were to be knocked unconscious, at least he'd have the opportunity to be alone with his mind.

Vegeta could read Trunks' intentions. The boy wasn't into the fight. He only wanted to escape, to flee. Knowing that there was no such thing from the prince of saiyans, Trunks was confronting him head on in hopes of being pummelled into a knock out. It was the only escape from Vegeta since Vegeta found it an unnecessary waste of energy to pound an unconscious adversary. Something told him he should grant his son's wish, but his pride prevented such. He'd not let his son have his way. He was too spoiled already.

Vegeta found no need to match his son's power level. Perhaps he could somehow manage to get his son to go beyond super saiyan. He could sense Trunks to be close. All he'd need was a trigger, something like how Gohan's ascent was triggered during the Cell Games. If he could get Trunks to level 2, at least he could say his son was now tied with Kakarrot's oldest brat and well ahead of Kakarrot's youngest. Adding the Fusion technique, his son would also be a notch ahead of Gohan. The Vegeta bloodline would have assumed its rightful place at the top of the power ladder. He prepared the counter for his son's next maneuver.


Pan could feel the variations of the two ki signatures. One was Trunks and the other, Vegeta. Vegeta's remained steady while Trunks' waxed and waned. Trunks was in a fight with his dad and wasn't on the winning side at this time. But why was he fighting his father? Leaving work early rarely demanded such a punishment. And, Trunks wasn't stupid enough to openly challenge his father for no good reason was he? Unable to answer that, Pan began to worry.

Pan's worry outwardly showed because Marron picked up upon it. She saw Pan's gaze linger beyond the window she was gazing out of. The muscles in Pan's arms twitched and flexed as if the saiyan blood within her itched to join in the fight going on beyond view. Marron's gaze then turned towards Trunks' mother. Bulma was pacing the floor in agitation. Eventhough she possessed no extra sensory perception, her motherly instinct was driving her nerves mad. Somewhere her beloved mate and her precious son were locked in combat. She could 'feel' the danger in her heart. Unable to take it any longer, Bulma stormed out of the room. "Damn, idiot son of mine!" was all she said as she slammed the door.

Pan and Marron exchanged looks. Neither felt any hostility toward each other now for a common thread was weaving into their hearts. The object of their affection was in danger and there was nothing either one of them could do about it.

Back at Battle Ground Zero...

Trunks couldn't regain control of his flight in time to avoid smacking into a side of Western Capital City's CourtHouse. His impact collapsed a pillar and sent rubble to the marble tile below. Yet another expense on Capsule Corporation's 'accident' account. This also upset the local lawyers and police that were nestled around and within the building. No doubt Trunks would see another ticket and court date for 'reckless endangerment.' Regaining his feet once again, Trunks quickly checked his body over for any new wounds. Nothing new bleeding or bruised, but the general soreness of his body meant he'd look like a black and blue cow by morning, assuming he survived that long.

Meanwhile, Vegeta was growing bored with the battle that seemingly offered little challenge. Toying with his son wasn't half as pleasurable as a scrap with the now deceased Kakarrot. But, with Gohan no longer training for battle and Goten only training his dating skills, there were no more true challenges left for the last of the full-blooded saiyans. Yet, he felt driven to keep his fighting skills sharp and well tuned. Unlike the others, Vegeta had learned that one should always be prepared, even in peace. Nobody could ever guess when and if another strong adversary could threaten the Earth or Universe for that matter. And, of course, the son of such a warrior would also be prepared, whether he wanted to be or not. Trunks had not taken a mate yet, nor was he serious with his job. The boy needed direction somehow, someway. If it took his father's stern beatings to give him some, then so be it. Perhaps he could shake out the lazy streak in his son and replace it with the fire of a true royal saiyan.

Once again Trunks and Vegeta locked eyes in challenge. There was fire in Trunks' eyes, but was it also scorching his heart enough to bring this half saiyan back to fighting form? There was only one way to find out. Vegeta would press his son to his limits, even if that meant driving him to the edge of death. Without dragonballs, death was a more permanent fixture on the minds of all these days. Perhaps a scare like that would knock some sense into his son and rewire his brain. Perhaps, it would enable Trunks to reprioritize his life and focus more on getting serious about settling down with a mate rather than foolishly continuing as he used to as a teenager. It was time for the son of Vegeta to truly be a man. No more kids play. The boy must be made to realize that it was time to act his age.

to be continued...