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Corporate Calamity (part 11)

Stumbling their way out the door, half laughing, Mirai Trunks led Trunks in a walk around the immediate sector.

"How does she do that?"

"I don't know. Woman's intuition I guess."

"Does your mom in the other timeline do that too?"

"More than you know."

"So, anyway, about that subject?"

"You really are clueless aren't you?"

"It's not like I had any formal education.I spent all my childhood fighting and running from androids."

"Oh right. Androids. Forgot. Hey man, it's no problem, but learning from me isn't going to be much help. I'm practically a reborn virgin myself. Ever since mom placed me in charge of the company, I have found it impossible to date let alone go that far with a woman anymore. My last romps in the sack were in college."

"That's more romps than I've ever had. But if you're a reborn virgin, why the heck am I asking you about sex!?"

"Hey, I told you it wasn't the best option!"

"Uh waitaminute. Are we arguing with ourself?"

"Good question. Hmm...I guess we are."

"I'm so confused."

"I'm getting there myself. Let's stop trying to make it philisophical. Thinking too deep on this matter will give us both brain damage."

"I don't need anymore brain damage.Androids did enough. But, back to that other subject...women scare me."

"Women scare me too. Mom's fault."

"Yes, mom's fault."

Mirai Trunks sniffed the air. "Hmm, mom may be finishing dinner a bit early."

Present Trunks lifted his nose to the air as well. "Smells good. Guess we should make our way back. Hey wait, let's play a little trick though. No offense, but that condom joke requires a little payback."

"You sure you want to do such a thing? Mom's not the humorous type."

"She'll laugh. Trust me."

"Last time I trusted myself, I was pummeled in humiliation."

"You get used to it. Now, where's the slinkiest street here?"


"Where's the street the hookers hang out on?"

"Oh. I don't know. Mother tells me never to go to the east sector however."

"That's gotta be it. Let's go."

Mirai Trunks stood his ground. "Your plan first."

"Look, we're not going to do anything with them. I'm just going to see if I can buy a scarf or something off them and perhaps a kiss or hug. That way, we'll come in smelling of rancid cheap perfume and have hooker clothes to make it a little more obvious."

"No way."


"I value my life. It's not like I can take the time machine and runaway."

"Actually you could, but you'd be cramping my style if there were two of us in that timeline."


"Hey yourself. You have your turf and I have mine. Now, you in or out? You can say out, but well, if I come in smelling like that, she's going to nail you by association. We left together. You'd be an accomplice and therefore assumed to be exposed to whatever it was I did."

"Say what!? You talk too much, you know that?"

"Mom's fault."

"Glad my mom's different in that respect."

"Fine, whatever. I've had my butt in the burner before. Why change?"

"And to think I saved your butt when you were a baby."

"You saved yourself. It was only natural, instinctive. I would've done the same if it were reversed. Self-preservation is a powerful entity."

"And not in a good way."

"Was that aimed at me?"

"Did it hit you?"


"Then it was aimed at you."

"Hey! Well, anyway, it hit you too. You really should stop insulting yourself."

"Please don't start that again."

"You did."

"Look, are we going to do your plan or not?"

"Hang on. Uh, crap. I rarely carry cash.I only have change. I don't know if the ATM's of this time will take my card. I only have a thousand zeni on me."

"A thousand!? That's your spare change!?"

"Large company. Huge family fortune. Yeah, that's spare change."

"Eeesh. And I thought I was rich when I earned two hundred zeni for helping rebuild the entire government block!"

"You were cheated. I wouldn't do such hard labor for less than two thousand zeni and that's if I'm feeling charitable."

"But they're friends and neighbors."

"So. Nothing's for free. Learn it, live it."

"No wonder you're still single."

"Speak for yourself."

"I am."

"Oh man, not again. We need to stop. I'm serious."

"You led me there."

"I did no---*sigh* let's just drop it. Now let's see...ah, there's one. She's not bad for a street girl. Hang on a sec. I'll be right back."

"But Trunks!" *Oh man, that sounds weird calling after myself like that.*

It was too late. Present Trunks had already made his way over to the young lady and was smooth talking his way into a 'freebie.' She fell for his amourous charm and was soon giving him a tight hug and her scarf. Present Trunks kissed her lightly on the cheek before returning to his stunned other self.

"Piece of cake."

"Piece...of...cake? Wha...how..."

"Hey, I could've got a blow job out of that one for free too, but I figured that'd be pushing it too much so, I said maybe my twin brother would take her up on it."

"Your twin brother! Man, we're going to catch hell from mother."

"Go talk to her. You need to learn at least that much if you're ever going to get laid. And STOP BLUSHING! It makes girls think you're weak and swing the other way."

"Hey, mother told me that ladies like men who show their sensitive sides."

"Not THAT much. Many good girls go for bad boys.You're even worse than Goten in the common sense of wooing women."


"Trust me."

"I'm not going to go that far."

"Just get some of her scent on you at least.That's not asking too much is it?"

Mirai Trunks gulped as he gathered up some courage and fell prey to the peer pressure of his other self. He made one final glance back at Present Trunks who simply winked, smirked, and waved him forward like a master directing his dog to the corner when its been naughty.

"Ican'tbelieveI'mgoingthroughwiththis.* Mirai Trunks muttered under his own breath as he approached the woman.

Feeling sheepish, he felt reduced to that of a child again. "Uh, hello Miss? How are you today?" Mirai Trunks said softly while developing a characteristic blush across his cheeks.

"So, you two are not alike eh? He's bold and you're shy. That's cute. Shy men are often the best lovers."

Mirai Trunks blushed even more and wanted out of the situation fast. He glanced over at Present Trunks who was no doubt laughing under his breath. Present Trunks simply gave a 'thumbs up' and resumed his laid back stance against the wall.

The woman's experience told her that she was going to have to make the first move with this shy guy.

"Your brother over there said a hug is all you need so a hug is what you'll get." she said kindly as she hugged the now tense Mirai Trunks. It was over before he could blink.

"See, now that wasn't all that bad now was it?" she asked him.

Mirai Trunks was still tense and in some form of stupification. Present Trunks found that to be his cue and strolled over to them.

"Thanks ma'am. Wish it could've been more, but my brother here is extrememly shy around women. Perhaps someday, he'll come around."

"No problem. If you ever feel like a horizontal dance yourself, you know where to reach me. And your brother here may be more comfortable with his own kind if you know what I mean."

Present Trunks blushed slightly. "Uh, right. Thanks again. Good day." he said politely as he led Mirai Trunks away. Once they were a block away, Present Trunks broke down laughing.

"It's not funny." Mirai Trunks defended.

"Yes it is. I can't believe you're me! You really are pathetic when it comes to women."

"Hey, just leave it alone okay. What did she mean by 'comfortable with his own kind? Does she know we're not entirely human?"

Present Trunks chuckled again. "You're more like Goku than I thought. She meant, you may be better off gay."

"I'm NOT gay."

"For both our sakes, I sure hope not."

"Along that subject, a question, or rather a hypothetical. If I was gay per se, and I slept with you, that wouldn't be gay would it, I mean, that would technically be masturbating right?"

"Man, why would you even ask that!? I don't know and I'm NOT going to find out."

"But it's a valid question right?"

"I guess it'd be masturbation in a skewed sense. Doing oneself and all. Now drop it, you're giving me quivers. I haven't even had to use that word 'masturbate' since pre-high school."

"But you said you haven't had sex of recent."

"That doesn't mean I do that. There's other ways to redirect those urges. For me, it's often a hostile takeover of some company who mistreats its employees or customers, or a spar with father, or well, a brisk flight in the cold air."

"I see."

"But, well, one's best lover is often one's self." Present Trunks finished with a blush and a wink.

"So you do from time to time afterall."

"Drop it. It's no big deal."

By the time they finished their conversation, they were once again at the home of Mirai Bulma and Trunks.

"Now, it's time to see how well your version of mom can take a joke." Present Trunks said as he entered. Mirai Trunks lagged behind. He wasn't quite as quick to step into the line of that fire.

"Hello other mom! We're back. How's dinner coming along?" Present Trunks asked.

Mirai Bulma immediately sensed something was up. Her Trunks was lurking in the shadows a safe distance from her and Present Trunks. He only did that if he felt he was in trouble. Narrowing her eyes to almost slits, she closed the distance between her and Present Trunks, who stood his ground curiously.

"What did you do to my son and what is that putrid smell on you?"

"Oh that, it's nothing. I just showed your son what it's like to be a man."

"With a hooker!?"

Present Trunks draped the scarf around Mirai Bulma. "Don't worry. He returned no worse for wear."

"Look Trunks, I don't care what goes on in your time, but in this one, I worked hard with my Trunks to get him to be a decent gentleman. I don't want you undoing that, do you understand! Don't corrupt my sweet, innocent Trunks!"

Present Trunks chuckled. "Relax. I guess he was right. You really can't take a joke. We didn't do anything. I only ran across a prostitute to try and play this trick on you to see if you were like the mom of my timeline or not."

Mirai Bulma softened somewhat, but she remained stern. "And?"

"And what? Do you compare? Sort of. It depends on the mood I guess. I don't usually try to pry into my mother's mind or emotions too much. That's dangerous."

"And what's that supposed to mean!?"

"Total respect and submission from us males. I'm surprised you hadn't picked up on that. I mean, look at him" Trunks said as he pointed behind him to the cowering Mirai Trunks. "He's displaying submissive behavior right this moment. If he still had his tail, it would be between his legs at this moment."

"If you had a tail, it would be best for yours to be there too, if you knew what was good for you."

"Okay, okay, I apologize. I'm sorry. It was a bad idea. Can we forget it now? Please?"

Mirai Bulma softened and accepted Present Trunks' forgiveness. "I suppose, but if this is how you behave with your mother in your time, I can understand why you are possibly still single. You can play a perfect gentleman one moment and then the next, you're as foolishly stupid as a little boy. Women would rather they play the emotional field, not have their man doing the same."

"I will take that as advice."

"Well, if that's all settled, let's eat."

"Sounds great. Get over here slinky boy! Your mom wants us to have dinner." Present Trunks chided as he noticed Mirai Trunks still lurking a 'safe' distance away from him and his mother.

Mirai Trunks growled in disgust at the name he was just called and gave Present Trunks an evil glare. Present Trunks knew it all too well and shrugged it off thus calling Mirai Trunks' bluff. It was a classic move of their father's. There was no way Trunks could pull that on Trunks.

With his stomach full, Present Trunks thanked his other mother and Mirai Trunks and told them it was time to return to his own time. Granted he didn't get much out of his little trip, but he was now aware of the other Trunks, his time, and the stories family and friends had said about him. Perhaps, the knowledge could prove useful in some way. That was the other trait Trunks was known for afterall...he had his mother's creative genius within his brain. But of course, he'd first have to master a plan to deal with the trouble he'd face upon his return to his own time. He had ransacked his mother's old timemachine for parts, he skipped work, his mother saw him leave, and he had indeed pried into a subject his mother had told him to drop and forget about. He was in for it and there was nothing he could do but brace for Typhoon Bulma upon his return.

As he powered up the time machine, waved to Mirai Trunks and Bulma and lifted into the reaches of time with a poof, Present Trunks knew one thing for sure...Mirai Trunks still walked alone and seemed content with it. Was this something he too, could become content with? Was Trunks Briefs, in either form destined to walk alone for life's span, never to truly find a love mate, or was he to emulate his father and get smacked into finding one a bit later in life or with some strange circumstance? More questions kept forming in his mind as time slipped back to normal for Present Trunks. Before he knew it, his time machine popped back into the familiar surroundings of present time. And sure enough, Typhoon Bulma was poised to strike despite him arriving at nearly the same time he left.

to be continued...