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Corporate Calamity (part 10)

It took him two weeks to build a mock-up of the time machine he saw buried in that lab at home. Stealing its engine, powersource, and programming, Trunks now possessed the third ever created time machine. He had built it in one of his grandfather's old labs--one not even his mother knew about. He smirked. He was spoiled that was for sure, but gramps spoiled him even moreso by showing him things he never even showed his own daughter. For that, he was grateful.

He was about to leave his secretary a note of absence for a few days but then remembered, he'd return the same day he left so why bother? And with that, Trunks of the present time leaped into the time machine.

*Hmmm, about how far back should I go? I want to see his current life,yet if it parallels my own what good would it do? No, I need a different time. Let's see what did Gohan tell me...that story about Cell. The future me went back to the future shortly after Gohan destroyed Cell. And that future Trunks destroyed Cell and the Androids in his time shortly after that. But time relatively speaking...hmm...how about five years after he destroyed all of them in his timeline? Yeah, that would work. He'd be back on his feet and things would be returning to normal there I guess. But I must jump the dimensional rift otherwise, I'll end up in my own past. * Trunks thought as he did several computations for time. In a short while, the time machine fired up and the underground canopy parted, leaving a large divot in the Briefs residence yard. This caught Bulma's eye as she was looking out the kitchen window.

"What the hell is THAT!?" she yelled to herself as she watched her beautiful green yard cave. Suddenly it all became clear as a vehicle all too familiar to her rose from within it.

"SHIT! TRUNKS, DAMN YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!!" she yelled, but to no avail. There was no way her son would hear her through the house or whine of the machine's engines. Vegeta heard her however.

"WOMAN, MY EARS!" he yelled back then followed her gaze. He smirked. "Well, that will certainly be interesting. Trunks meeting Trunks."

"Vegeta, what do you know about it?"

"I saw him looking at the one Cell took. I figured he was up to something of the sort."


"He's a man now. It's none of our business."

"IT'S NONE OF OUR---but he's our---ba--by." Bulma trailed as she suddenly burst into tears. Her son had grown up and eventhough he still lived with them, he also had his own life. In fact, she was lucky he was still in the same house as she. Most males with Trunks' age and job would opt to live their own lives out from under their parents' noses.


Trunks was astounded at the strange aberrations time and dimensional travel caused. It didn't seem long at all when his ship suddenly popped out of its massive run and dropped onto Earth, but it was a different Earth in a different time. He had landed in the yard from which he left, but somehow, this 'home' was different. It lacked several features and appendages that were on the home of the present time.

*Okay Trunks, you're still 29 and uh, the Trunks of this time is...uhhh...the same age. Ugh, that's right, he used the Room of Spirit and Time. Technically though, he's a couple years younger than me. Hmm, wonder if he's as handsome as me or if years of tempered battle will show? And let's see, mom is still alive but no one else. Oh, that's going to be weird. This house is so huge for just two people...assumming he still lives with her...of course he does...he can't be that stupid.*

Mirai Bulma heard the familiar whine of engines outside. But, she knew that the time machine her son had used still rested in its protected lab in the house. She was curious and peered out the window. Sure enough, a time machine rested in their yard. But, this one bore no number or inscription of 'hope.' It wasn't hers. It was someone else's. Just her luck that Mirai Trunks was out getting groceries at the time.

Present Trunks stepped out of the machine and looked about. Many of the buildings in the neighborhood were very different and no Capsule Corporation skyscraper loomed in the distance. He could still see some damage and rubble on some of the homes and along some of the roadways. All the buildings looked fairly new and young and construction noises could be heard in other portions of the city.

His attention suddenly turned as his eyes caught the glimpse of someone exiting from the Briefs house. He reflexively took a defensive position, but eased up when he saw the familiar yet different form of his mother.

Mirai Bulma eyed the purple-haired being. It was Trunks, yet it wasn't. The only explanation she could come up with was this was the Trunks from the timeline she had once sent her own son to. The timeline her son helped save.

Trunks allowed her to approach. He said nothing. He didn't want to scare her. She'd go off on some form of fit, that he knew for sure. She looked old, worn, and full of sorrow. Life had not been kind to this Bulma. Her wrinkles and split ends indicated that there wasn't much she had to perfect for.

Mirai Bulma looked over this 'other' son of hers. He was prim and proper. His hair and skin well kept. His clothing, of the finest materials. His eyes full of life and vigor. No, this Trunks was definitely not her Trunks.

"What...brings...you...here?" she quietly and slowly asked.

"A personal agenda. I'm just curious."

"About what?"

"Me. Or rather, the other me. How his life is faring and all."

"What's wrong with yours?"

"Nothing serious, but it has become extremely complicated." Trunks commented. As he did so, Mirai Bulma was quick to note that he did not bear any wedding ring.

"You're alone?"

"This machine only carries one...oh, wait, you mean single? Yes, I think."

"You think?"

"That's the complicated part. I have females crawling all over me and yet I can't find a single one I'd want to spend my entire life with. And if I even dare narrow it down, the others will haunt me and make my life miserable. What about Trunks of this time? Does he have someone special in his life?"



"Mother is always special. You should know that. But as for any other...no. He's dated, but he too, still walks alone."

"May I meet him?"

"He's away on a grocery errand. He should be returning soon. Would you like to stay for dinner or is just a quick trip?"

"I can stay. The company can survive a day without its leader."

"Leader? How is the company?" Mirai Bulma asked as she led Trunks inside.

"It's grown. I noticed the building the company is in doesn't exist here."

"Yes it does. You're standing in it."

Trunks chuckled lightly. "In my timeline, Capsule Corporation is no longer housed in our residence. It's too big now. It is one of the tallest buildings in this city...a large skyscraper near the main harbor in the north sector of this city."


Trunks nodded. "I'm now its President and CEO."

"Wow. Here, the company's been set back many years. It may never recover."

"And Trunks here?"

"He's not at the level you are. He helps with the company, but more as a freight loader. There's too much pent up warrior within him. He can't sit still at a desk to do paperwork. He prefers physical labor."

"I know the feeling."

"But you manage. There's hope for my son yet."

"If you don't mind me prying, how's his social life? Does he date often?"

"No. He's solitary. He's too much like his father. He prefers the anti-social, moody form of life. But you don't seem that way. Your eyes reflect a desire to socialize."

Trunks blushed.

Bulma giggled. "Heheh, you're still shy though aren't you?"

"Depends on the situation."

"Not much on yourself are you? That's a difference between you and your father. My Trunks is like that too. Humble, not conceited."

"Does he--" Trunks trailed. He was interrupted by the sound of a door.

"Mom! I'm home!" Mirai Trunks yelled.

"In here dear. We have company."

"We do? Who?" Mirai Trunks asked as the sound of bags being set on the counter continued.

"Just come in and see. I'll put those away."

Mirai Trunks entered the dining room only to blink rapidly in attempt to shake the double image of himself.

"Trunks, you're not seeing things. This is Trunks from the other timeline. You know, the one you helped save. He was just a baby back then."

"THIS is me? Or rather, me of that time?" Mirai Trunks asked, now curious.

Present Trunks stood and offered a shake of his hand. "A pleasure to meet you, err, me, err, whatever."

"Yeah, uh same here I guess. What brings you here?"




"Please don't. I'm confused enough as is."

"Sorry. Anyway, I built a time machine and I thought it would be neat to meet the me my mom kept talking about."

"Oh." Mirai Trunks softly replied, blushing somewhat.

"And I thought I was bad." Present Trunks joked.

"So, why me?" Mirai Trunks asked again, trying desperately to change the subject slightly.

"What's life like for you now?"

"What do you mean?"

"I hate to pry, but my own life may depend on it somewhat. What's your personal life like? Any steady girls?"

Mirai Trunks blushed again and looked at his mother. "Uh, no, not really.But mother here, is hoping someday there will be. She says the sooner the better, but love can't be rushed right?"

"Our moms DO have something in common." Present Trunks chuckled.

"And you?"

"That's the problem. Lots of girls, but all after everything I have aside from my soul."

"We walk alone. Our souls may have been destined for solitude."

"I refuse to think that."


"We're, especially YOU are the last of our bloodline. Well, I have a sister, but she doesn't count. If she marries, her blood is counted towards that males line, not our families."

"You have a SISTER!?"

"Yep. She's many years younger than I." Trunks then smirked, remembering the story that Mirai Trunks was mentored by Mirai Gohan. "Gohan of my time is married and has a kid now too."

"He does!? Wow! What's his wife like?"

"Spunky and full of fire. She's Mr. Satan's daughter. You do remember Mr. Satan right?"

"Mr. Satan's daughter and GOHAN, no way!"

"Way. They have a little girl...err, rather tomboy. She's determined to live the saiyan way."



"Poor Gohan. So how is he? When I left, he was the strongest in the universe and attained a level no other saiyan had ever attained."

"He's a scholar now. He doesn't fight or train aside from maintaining physical fitness. His little girl can probably whoop his butt now."

"Gosh. I never thought--"

"When Goku died and peace restored, there was little motivation for Gohan to continue training as a warrior. ChiChi made sure he hit the books. He has a brother too. His brother is a year younger than I and was a spitting image of Goku as a child."


"From what my mother says, Goku and ChiChi conceived him just before the Cell Games. You were likely there at the time."

"After the Room of Spirit and Time, Goku refused to enter it a second time. He adopted a regime of complete relaxation that baffled the rest of us. So much was on the line. Some of that relaxation meant him spending lots of time with his family. I wouldn't doubt he enjoyed some of the priviledges of such as well."

"Anyway, we're getting off topic. You. How have you come along?"

"I'll admit it. I'm lonely. There's no other saiyans in this time. I'm alone in that respect. There's nobody for me to train or compare strength with. I have friends, but I'm finding it difficult to be 'normal.' I see, hear, and smell things they can't. I crave things they don't. It's very hard to be consciously aware of my actions among normal humans."

"I can relate. Though, with practice, it's something you can get used to. It's tolerable, but the limitations often get unbearable. That's why I made my ability to fly public knowledge. I often feel the urge to soar among the clouds to relax."

Suddenly both Trunks' realized that they had another intently listening in on their conversation. Both trained their blue eyes onto the offending listener.

"Oh,uh, I'm sorry, I'll uh, well, I'll go put those groceries away. I don't want the milk to spoil now would I." Mirai Bulma quickly rattled before departing for the kitchen.

Present Trunks lowered his voice. "Any good scores?"

"What do you mean?"

"C'mon, I know you know what I mean. You're not a virgin are you?" Present Trunks whispered.

Mirai Trunks blushed again.

"Are you? Gosh, please say you're not."

Mirai Trunks said nothing. His blue eyes gazed downward at the floor.

Present Trunks smacked his own forehead. "Why am I NOT surprised. Great, I'm not going to get the info I need out of this trip I guess."


"I wanted to see if your life was faring well so that I could hope my own would too."

"I've had nobody to learn with in regards to that subject. I hear normal guys talk about it, but as a saiyan, I'm prone to instinctive behaviors. I'm not sure if there's a breeding behavior or not, but I don't want to frighten a lady or myself into shock."

"Why not ask your mother. She had you right? Meaning, she knows what a saiyan is like in bed."

"I'm not going to ask my mother that!"

"But you don't have many options here. She's your best source."

Mirai Trunks smirked evilly. "Until now."

"Hey, wait, I didn't come here to teach you about sex."

"Too late. Or are you a virgin too and just covering with fancy talk about the subject?"

"I'm NOT a virgin."

"So talk."

Present Trunks peered into the kitchen. He knew Bulma was listening. "Not here."

"So where?"

"Uh, let's go for a walk."

"Where to?"

"I don't know. This is your city. Not mine."

"Okay, okay. Uh, hang on a moment." "Hey mom, when's dinner?"

"In a couple of hours."

"I'm going to show Trunks a quick tour of this city okay?"

"Just remember to wear a condom!"

Both Trunks' jaws dropped in shock as they smacked the floor.

Mirai Bulma peered around the corner. "Mother knows best."

to be continued...