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This is just a little fic that popped into my head and I just let it ride. Not even I am sure exactly
where it's going, but I'll know when I get there. That's the fun of "writing on the wing" so to
speak. It's rated PG-13 right now, but has potential to get a little more involved. As I said, I'm
not exactly sure where it's going either.


Corporate Calamity (part 1)

"And with the latest acquisition of Rakuyo Corporation, share prices have risen----"

Trunks' mind wandered away from the speaker's droning voice. Sitting through meeting after meeting, chatting
with one client after another, and not even having a chance to eat yet had eroded his attention span to a fine grain
of sand. He sighed inwardly while still trying to look interested, but share holders meetings were about as colorful
as a dead person's skin.

*Let's see, inventory time Trunks. You're 32 years old, single, living with your parents, single. Oh man, my life is
totally meaningless. And this job...why is mother punishing me so? What did I do to deserve this? Speaking of
which, I'm starving! Now I know what Goku felt like! *

"Mr. President?"

No response.


Trunks, though still somewhere within his own mind instinctively allowed his eyes to find the source of
interruption. It was one of his executive officers standing beside his chair. The officer took the eye contact as a
signal to continue.

"We would like your input on the latest supply and demand figures. Will Capsule Corporation's productivity be
able to maintain its output while consumer demand is on the increase?"

*Why me?* Trunks thought while trying to refocus on the question at hand. He glanced over at the projected
sales and productivity charts then at the most recent consumer demand graphs. *Heh, pie chart...mmm, pie.
Mom's apple pie would be nice right about now...waitaminute, c'mon Trunks, you gotta give them an answer.
Okay, here's where that one college skill comes into play...*
"Well, we will maintain productivity at its current pace. If consumer demand increases, we will convert one of the
distribution centers into a sub-production facility. Losing the distribution center will mean we will sub contract
other companies into filling and delivering our inventories." *Yeah, that sounded good. They'll think on that for a
while. Trunks, you're a great bullshitter!*


Trunks looked curiously at the female executive officer. She was apparently a visitor from an affiliate company
and not much younger than himself. She wore a beautiful navy lightly penstriped suit and her wavy blonde hair in
a loose ponytail. Her glasses fit her face's contours perfectly. Her form was flawless and her blue eyes enticing.
He also made a mental note of the lack of a wedding ring though he had no idea why. He nodded, encouraging
her to continue.

"If you subcontract, you will be taking a great risk in maintaining the productivity schedule. Relying on companies
beyond your control is like putting all your money on a horse that's never won."

Trunks was about to speak before abruplty changing what he was going to say in his mind. "Do I know you? You
look familiar yet I can't seem to place you."

She seemed a tad annoyed at his change of subject. "Sir?"

"Which company are you with?"

"Your compay's South City affiliate, Pakar Incorporated."

"Pakar, eh. How long have you been with them?"

"Just a couple of years, sir."

"I see. You're rather astute for a novice exec. You must've gone to a reputable university?"

"I'm an Alumni at the same university as you sir. Sir, you can interview me later if you wish, but I really think we
shouldn't waste these share holders' time with such trivial matters."

*Hmm, fiesty. She's got guts to face a major corporate president like that then make such a demand on him?
"Fine, back to your question then. Risks are part of the business. Besides, Capsule Corp. only does business
with reputable and consistent companies. They're top rate and known for their abilities to fulfill demands. Now,
lets either put this meeting to a close or break for lunch. I'm starving."

The share holders agreed to end the meeting. Trunks was among the last to leave the meeting room. He quickly
caught up to the young female executive.

"Hey, how about lunch?"

"Sir, isn't a breech of protocol?"

"Not if it's a business luncheon. You're a representative from another company, perhaps I'm interested in getting
caught up on the latest goings-on there."

"Though you're probably not. I know you too well, Mr. President."

"You do?"

"Of course. Who wouldn't?"

Trunks shrugged and waved the limo driver to them. He then allowed her to step into the car first. "Have any ideas
for lunch?"

"Where ever you wish to go sir."

"Please, just call me Trunks. I hate formalities when off the clock."

"Okay si--err, Trunks."

"And what shall I call you?"

"I can't believe you haven't recognized me yet. Has it been that long? We really need to plan more reunions."

"I'm not following."

At that, the young woman removed her glasses. "I'm Marron, Krillin and 18's daughter. I can't believe you didn't

Trunks blushed,but tried to recover. "It has been too long. I didn't know you worked, at an affiliate company no
less. And hey, I did say earlier that I thought you looked familiar."

"Do you always scan and scrutinize female executives like that?"

"Only the ones I may wish to get to know better."

"You play with fire. They could sue your butt."

"Hey, I'm careful."

"Right. Famous last words from the boy who knew nothing but trouble."

"Work is different."

"And my father's the strongest in the universe."

"That'll never happen so long as us saiyans exist."


Trunks groaned in defeat and changed the subject by leaning over to speak to the driver. "Hey Jimmy. Take us to
Drake's Bistro please."

"Yes Mr. President."

Trunks then turned his attention back to Marron. "It's nice to see you again though."

"You too. I turned down an opportunity to be Executive Assistant to Pakar's CEO so that I could be one of
Pakar's field representatives. This way I'd have a chance to see you again. Still single I see."

"Speak for yourself. Why did you demote yourself like that?"

"Wouldn't see you if I was the CEO's EA."

"How does your mom and dad take to you working?"

"They said I shouldn't waste my talents moping around Roshi's house."

"Why didn't you come to me for a job? I could've given you one right here with Capsule Cor--"

"Too far from home. Pakar is only a couple hours from home by jetflyer."


"So, how's your sister?"

"Still the same. She's off in college now and calling and crying every night because she has to choose between
her studies and shopping. She thinks it's pointless to be in college, but my mother says she needs to start
earning her way in life. Mom's feeling like she spoiled us too much."

Marron raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I'm waiting for the day she kicks me out of the house. She's already badgering me about grandchildren
and how Goten's already married. Speaking of Goten, that's the last time I saw you...at Goten and Parisu's

"That was only a couple of years ago."

"Right, but years can drag when you're me."

"Awww, poor thing."


"I'm just teasing. Eeeesh, being the top corporate president in the world really has made you uptight."

"I'm probably the only corporate president who doesn't get an annual vacation."

"Your mom's cruel."

"She says it's because I take too many mini-vacations on a weekly basis. In turn I tell her I take those because I
can't get a real vacation. It's circular and mom will always win in that situation. I'm not stupid enough to challenge

"Ah yes, the flying out of the window routine. The news crews in your city have spotlighted you as their 'scene of
the day' on occasion. "

"Good thing I don't notice them. I'd probably blast them for my own personal stress relief."

Marron slyly gazed at the blue-eyed demi-saiyan. "Oh really. I would've thought you would've shown them your
best side."

It took Trunks a minute to grasp the meaning. "Marron! Now I'm insulted! Though I must admit, my ass is kinda

"Cocky aren't we?"

"I have a nice one of those too."

"I'm surprised you haven't been sued for sexual harassment yet Mr. President."

"You find that offensive?"

"From you, no. But others might."

"I don't do this at the office. I'm not THAT stupid."

"Ah, so you are stupid! " Marron teased.


"You said it, I didn't. I'm just agreeing."

"HEY!" Trunks replied trying to sound hurt, but ended up laughing at himself.

"You enjoy humiliating yourself eh?"

Trunks blushed.

"That's cute, but it doesn't make you any more innocent."

"You should talk."


"What? Can dish it but can't receive it?" Trunks taunted.

"Oh I can, but I would think a guy like you would be above such things."

Trunks didn't reply. Rather he used their arrival at the restaurant as a distraction. The lunch went along smoothly
with both updating each other on their families latest happenings.

"Let's take the rest of the day off."


Trunks cockily smirked as he punched a number in his cell phone. "Yes, this is the President. Cancel my
afternoon engagements. An issue of utmost importance has been brought to my attention in the field and I am
going to handle it personally. Reschedule today's appointments in tomorrow if possible. Thank you." Trunks said
to his secretary on the other end. He then turned his phone off and placed it back in his pocket. Marron just
stared at him, stunned.

"A perk when one is the president. They can't argue back."

"You're fluent in word play."

"Actually I think it's called bullshitting. Done right, it can get you anywhere in life."

"And backfire big time."

"Not if one is a master. C'mon, let's hit the town. I'll send the limo driver back to the office." He then pulled out a
storage box that contained several capsules. Let's see...car, boat, jetflyer,another car, hmmm, this'll work. He
told the waiter to place lunch on the Capsule Corp. tab then led Marron outside. Popping the capsule, it revealed
a quaint conservative air car.

"This isn't your style Trunks."

"Ah, but people would automatically know it's me if I used the other vehicles. I carry one of these boring looking
air cars so I can get around unnoticed, especially from Daddy HeadHunter that mom often sends on patrol
making sure I'm not skipping out of work."

"Manipulative and deceitful as always eh Trunks?"

"Those are two of my best traits, Marron." he chuckled while opening the passenger door for her then shutting it
after she entered. He then stepped in the driver's side, started the vehicle up and sped away.

"Where are we headed now?"

"To a little getaway place I use when I need to relax. Tell no one, not even that little birdie that appears in your
own head."

"Little birdie?"

"Yeah, I think it's called a conscience or something."

"Oh THAT birdie." Marron giggled as she began to adjust her skirt. Trunks immediately took notice and was
distracted from his driving/flying.

"Trunks, LOOK OUT!" Marron exclaimed before they hit another air car, broadside. Both aircars safely
crashlanded onto the unoccupied ground below.All occupants of the aircars were also unhurt. As the driver of the
other car got out, Trunks nearly had a heartattack, however.



Marron stepped out of the passenger side of the aircar and dusted herself off. Pan's ki skyrocketed. Sure she and
Trunks were never an item, but Pan still considered him her turf. Pan had yet to reveal her feelings towards the
son of Vegeta, but now...

"TRUNKS, you're such a bastard!!"

He looked at Pan and stood his ground. He couldn't figure out what the big deal was. "It was just a minor
fender-bender, nothing to get so steamed over and yes, I am a bastard."

Pan screamed and bore her angry gaze on Marron. Marron smiled innocently which of course infuriated the
quarter saiyan even more.

"I'm sorry for hitting your car Pan, but you were flying faster than you should've for that altitude anyway. Here, I'll
just give you a brand new car."

Pan's gaze returned to the ignorant president. "Trunks! I can't believe I ever felt anything for you! Forget about the
damn car! I'll fly! " she spat as she launched herself into the air and sped off.

Trunks watched her depart. "Marron, I gotta go talk to her, okay? Here's another car. I'll have to take a raincheck
on today." Trunks said as he gave Marron a capsule.

"Do what you must, but I really don't think she wants to talk."

"I know. Given her frenzied, pissed off state, she's probably going to pummel me."

"So why go?"

"I just feel I have to. I'm not sure why, I just do."

"Sure. I understand." Marron said disappointedly.

"I'll call Roshi's later tonight. You gonna be home?"


"Okay, sorry about all this." Trunks replied as he waved then launched himself into the air, went super saiyan,
and charged after Pan. He was hoping he'd catch up to her before she could land and mask her ki, so he used
the only form he knew that'd give him great speed. Unfortunately, it was also a form that gave him away at a vast

*Damn you Trunks. To think you'd have the nerve to follow me. Why can't you just leave me in peace?* Pan
thought as she began to feel Trunks' ki growing stronger. She couldn't bring herself to land and hide from him
however. She allowed him to catch up. Once he did, he quickly powered down.

"Pan, please, let's talk. I don't understand why you're so upset?"

"Oh you don't huh?" she sarcastically replied. "Here, let me give you something to clear that head." she
continued as she quickly maneuvered so that she could deliver a harsh blow to his head. It caught him off guard
and sent him reeling to the ground below. He recovered just before he smacked the ground, but Pan was right
there and drilled her feet into his gut assuring his crash.

He coughed and tried to regain the lost air from his lungs. Once he recovered he attempted to stand. Pan
slammed him back into the ground with another well placed kick to his gut. "STAY DOWN." she commanded.
For the sake of his own health, he obeyed and just stared at her as she hovered above him, her arms folded and
a scowl across her face that would make ChiChi's look friendly. When he looked as though he was subdued, Pan

"How could you!?"

"What? I didn't mean to hit your car, honest. I didn't even know it was---"


Trunks' expression indicated that he wasn't quite following her train of thought.

"You're so pathetic Trunks. I'm a fool for allowing myself to fall in love with you." she continued.

Trunks was totally lost now. "Pan, I, I---"

"Save it. I don't care anymore. Leave me alone. GOT IT."

Trunks stood despite his defiant body. "Now I REALLY am confused. Pan, c'mon, let's talk about this."

"Talk?! Why? So you can use that fancy word play on me and con your way out of this. I'm not that foolish. Not

"If that's what you think I'll do to a close friend like you then I guess there really is no talking to you. Fine. Have it
your way." Trunks angrily replied as he prepared to launch into the air. Suddenly he felt a large rush of air just
milliseconds before the impact. Pan had rammed her body into his, knocking the unexpecting demi-saiyan
backwards onto the ground. She didn't get off him, but rather pinned him.

"Perhaps I should stoop to Marron's level eh? I should just put out and let you have your way with me. Would that
win your heart, by going through your pants to arrive at it?"

"Pan cut it out! You know that's foolish! I'm not like that! And how dare you insult Marron in such a manner!"
Trunks spat as he tried to shove Pan off himself. Unfortunately the previous blows she'd inflicted on him and his
own center of gravity prevented such a maneuver.

"What's it going to take for me to get through to you eh Trunks? Will I ever have a chance with you? I don't want
to be just friends, I want us to be more than that. " Pan began angrily, but ended up sobbing.

"Pan, please, don't cry." Trunks said softly while wiping her tears away from her cheeks with his fingers. "Look, I
didn't even know you felt like this Pan. You just threw all of this on me now. I can't give you any answers right
now, but you've given me something I need to search my own heart about. If there can be anything beyond
friendship between us, I want it to be real and true, but I need to know what exactly I'm feeling in regards to you.
Can you understand?"

She tried to stifle her sobs as she nodded. Suddenly her sobs became slight giggles. "I feel something right

Trunks blushed furiously. "Perhaps it's because all that heavy sobbing caused your body to rub against me. You
just gave me a lap dance without even trying."

"Trunks! You're such a pervert!" she tried to angrily reply, but couldn't stop laughing.

"Am not! It's just a weakness of the male body." he protested though even more embarrassed.

"So make it go away." Pan giggled.

"It's not that easy." Trunks growled, frustrated at his own body.

"I salute you too, Trunks." Pan laughed while as she got up, stood at attention and gave him a military-style

"Pan, stop mocking me."

"Here, I'll help ya. Just visualize something icky. I got it! Think of that gay guy from the tournament."

"Won't work."

"Reeeeallly? Heh, who would've known. Okay, let's see, your mother?"

No response.

"Your grandmother."

Still no response.

"Trunks, you're a sicko, you know that."

Trunks stared angrily at her. "You're not helping matters. Now stay quiet." he replied as he closed his eyes and
focused on everything he thought was disgusting and unappealing. Soon enough, he got the desired results.

"What'd you think of?"

"None of your business." he replied with a deep blush while getting to his feet.

"Let's get out of here."

"Where are we anyway?"

"You mean you don't know Trunks?"

"I followed you remember. I thought you knew where you were going."

"You interrupted my flight."

"So where were your headed."

"None of your business."

"Swell." Trunks moaned as he surveyed their surroundings. "Maybe we should just fly in one direction. Eventually
we should run into something familiar."

"Wow, are we a great team or what." Pan sarastically commented as they remained in flight for a couple of

"Hey, if you said where you were going we wouldn't be flying like this."

"Me!? Who's the idiot who didn't think to backtrack, hmm?"

"You pounded me in the head. My brain's not exactly feeling happy right now. Besides, you could've thought to
back track too young lady."

While Pan and Trunks were arguing, they failed to notice another being that had apparently been attracted to the
increase in kis an the possibility of battle.

"Are you two brats finished with your useless babble now? You two squabble like you're already mates."

Both Pan and Trunks spun around to face one rather annoyed saiyan prince. They then exchanged glances with
one another. Their expressions both trying to figure out when and for how long Vegeta had been in their presence.
They laughed lightly out of nervous embarrassment before following Vegeta's departing form.

Once Trunks waved farewell to Pan as she headed towards Mount Paozu, he returned home behind his father
only to be scolded for ditching work yet again. Bulma gave him an earful while his father gave him a rigorous,
merciless training bout. Trunks then dragged his aching body to his room and collapsed onto his bed. His body
was out for the night but his mind was racing. It was time to find his destiny and he couldn't procrastinate any
longer. Pan? Marron? From the day's events,he knew he had to choose. The two had so graciously made him the
center of a triangle and the only one who could make the ultimate decision.

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