Yes, I KNOW both Trunks and Goten are guys, but this is a very real possiblity! You don't have to read this if you don't feel comfortable with it. And don't email,etc. about this topic. If you're not as open-minded as me then just leave. I'm not forcing you to read this, it's YOUR choice.

Goten is Goku's second son. Conceived just before the Cell Game and born after Goku's died, Goten, grows up with is older brother, Gohan as his father figure. Goten as a child was a spitting image of his daddy and had the naivety and cuteness to go with it. His mother and Trunks' mother apparently did much of the child raising together as Trunks and Goten become the best of friends very early on in their lives. They grow up together, doing a good portion of things together including a great fighting technique called Fusion. This technique fuses both of them into a one, powerful warrior (Gotenks). (You can read more detail into their friendship in my Best Friends section).


The two know each other so well. They've shared so many aspects of their lives together and their friendship is a very deep and strong bond.

While no offspring can come of this, they'd help solidify the bond between the two competitive bloodlines of Kakarrot and Vegeta.

They could adopt kids and both are rather sensitive, caring, and loving guys. The pairing would make a loving atmosphere for a child to grow up in.

Trunks is never seen dating or even engaging in any type of relationship with a girl (both in present and future timelines).He's rather shy and shows practically no interest in the opposite sex. Speculation would then allow for homosexuality or at least, bisexuality.


Both being guys and half saiyan, the saiyan race would lose twice. No kids can come out of this relationship and so there's no chance of saiyan blood to continue on from either of these two.

In the Dragon Ball series, Goten appears girl-crazy. He's even seen dating a girl named Parisu. This would mean that Goten is likely to marry a female.

Trunks' upbringing would keep him from "coming out of the closet" even if he is gay. His pride-driven daddy would likely not be very open-minded about such a thing.

Goten's passivity would make Trunks the dominant figure and workhorse in this relationship. This may or may not be a good thing for Trunks who may seek to be a follower once in a while.


What would life be like for these two?

Like when they were children, they'd like be trouble in the making. They seem to become rather immature when together and this could follow through into adulthood. They are a perfect match however. One's weakness is likely the other's strength. Life would be fun and full of energy for them. Trunks would have an escape from his dull, stressful job as corporate president.

If they chose to adopt a kid they'd be loving and devoted parents. Both appear to have sensitive sides to them and are "momma's boys."

My takes on this pair?

I personally don't see these two getting together in "this" sort of way. Goten's too much of a ladies' man and Trunks, eventhough a crapshoot in regards to his sexuality, doesn't give me the impression of being anythingother than a ladies' man as well. I mean, if he weren't straight, why would all these females be drooling and going gaga over him? Unless all of them think they could "change" him,which is very unlikely, they must know that they have a shot at the lavendar-haired hunk. Also, if following the anime series, at the end of GT there IS a grandson of assumingly, Trunks who is a dead ringer for a mini-Vegeta and a lady in the stands that looks VERY much like Bulma and is Capsule Corp. affilitated. She's also the mother of that little Vegeta-looking brat. Odds are, this woman is Trunks' daughter. This would completely nullify Goten and Trunks spending the rest of their lives together in such a manner. Of course, that is if one holds that rushed ending of GT as canon.

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