I have been getting numerous emails from both sites about the borrowing of my images,etc. I find this very courteous and respectful, but having to reply to each and every one of these is becoming very time consuming for me. It takes time away from me getting new stuff up on my sites. So, here's a page that hopefully will clarify what you can and cannot borrow from my sites.

Rules for borrowing images:

You may borrow up to four images from each of my sites as long as they do NOT fit in the categories below. And of course, with ANY images borrowed, you must credit where you got them. That means you must either place my site's name and /or link on the very SAME page that the pic is being used on. Most images that I will allow you to borrow are located in the image galleries of my sites and any that I specifically say you may borrow such as link banners,etc. I will also specify in spots where I may have gotten permission to borrow pics,etc.and will usually have a link to the site I borrowed it from. You need to ask the webmaster of that particular site to borrow that pic in question just as I did.

Pics that you can NOT borrow (so don't even ask):
-fanart of any sort (you must specifically ask the artist's permission to borrow such)
-my title and page banners
-my "modified" pics (those are pics that I have altered or collaged together for some special reason)an example is kinda like the one shown at the top of this page or on the bottom of my nav bars that are on the sides of my sites.
-doujinshi images
If you are unsure of a pic, then email me about it. Mention exactly which pic it is so I can tell you yes or no. My email addy is on the main pages of my sites and in the "Contact Info" sections of my sites.
Rules for borrowing fanfics:
Like fanart, you may NOT borrow fanfics without the expressed permission of the author. If it's me, then email me and let me know which fanfic it is you are interested in. I like sharing my stories with other fansites, but ONLY if specific rules are followed. I will ask you to give me the url of the site you wish to place the story on and that you obviously mention my name and link to my site. There's too many people stealing fanfics and calling them their own, so I'm very paranoid about lending my stories out unless the rules above are followed.
Rules for borrowing information:
The information about the series,etc. is technically for all to use. Most of which I gathered from source books and magazines. I know some other DBZ sites are very fussy about the borrowing of information from their sites, but honestly, it's not their information anyway. Since they do not own DBZ,etc. then they got their information from another source too. They can't claim it as their own. Only those who own rights to the series can do such. But still, common respect is to ask. I give you permission right here and now to use character info,show info,etc. from my site if you wish.But that doesn't mean word for word (no cut & pasting!) or the taking of ALL my info. A common courtesy however is to respect the effort the work someone put into researching and gathering that info so you could see it. So, again credit where you got the info from either by link or mentioning the site name on the page you use it on. One must do that in school when doing research papers, and the same rule technically applies to web info too.
That's about it for now. I'll add/modify this page as needed. But again, any questions, comments,etc. may be referred to me at saiyan_scholar@yahoo.com