Bells & Whistles "Future"

The wedding was like a fairy tale. Trunks made sure that this one was obviously out of love. It was what my grandmother and his mother had envisioned. He wanted the world to know that this one was of his heart's choice, not some convenience for business purposes. He had even invited those pesky reporters if only to prove that our wedding was the real McCoy. This time I was the bride in white, but even still, those tears formed in my eyes but for an entirely different reason. Bra looked at me and smirked that all too common Vegeta smirk. She knew. This time, these were tears of love and happiness, not those tears of longing and sorrow.

For some reason our honeymoon paled to what we had done that one night we tore up my room. But it was good nonetheless. We were finally allowed to show our love for each other without strange eyes upon us scrutinizing us because of our age difference or some other reason unknown to us. Actually we still got strange eyes, but that was more because of Trunks being his goofy self. It was hard for people to grasp the fact that one minute he was a serious, skilled corporate president/CEO and the next minute he was a goofy, foolish boy who loved to play. I'd never ask him to lose those endearing traits. My father said he may be schizophrenic, but I don't think so. I just think my dad's jealous because Trunks figured out how to master the skill of being an adult and kid at the same time. It's something my father never found or could scientifically explain. I told him it's like when he was a warrior and student at the same time, but to him, it wasn't the same. He said the scholar in him always won. I'd comfort him and tell him that the odds were against him anyway. He had two women molding his future...his mom and his wife. No male can win against those odds. Vegeta suffered the same fate. His mate and his daughter turned the mighty prince of saiyans into a loving father and earthling. An earthling with saiyan pride, he'd say, but c'mon, how far will that go? He's succumbed to the power of the human female too.

And now I have my Trunks. He's all mine. Of course I have to pass threatening glares to all those women who still stare and google over him. His company fan club still exists though they tred carefully when I'm in the building. In a way it's a positive thing. He's mine. They can stare and drool all they want, but he's my catch. He doesn't even look at other females with interest. He's very shy around them now, moreso than he was. I guess I have that 'power' that the other females with saiyan mates have.

I'm no longer a financial assistant in Satan City. I'm now the Senior Vice President of Capsule Corporation. Trunks technically calls me co-president, but he's just saying that because he doesn't want me to feel like I'm under him. In essence I'm glad I am. He's been trained to run this company all his life. I haven't. Capsule Corporation rebounded (as did the Briefs fortune) once we married. Upon returning to work after our honeymoon, Trunks was quick to jockey the stock market and acquire enough shares to initiate a hostile takeover of his ex-wife's company. Take that bitch! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, Trunks, being the gentleman that he is, didn't release anyone from that company including his ex. They are merely overseen by Capsule Corporation. In fact, I'm the head overseer of that. Excuse my snickering please.

Trunks was right when he asked me about that time of the month and said "oops." Oops is right. I was indeed pregnant from that night. But that was a given. Thanks to Trunks' medical exams during those months he and his ex were trying to have a child, it was found that he had the highest sperm count ever taken at that hospital. It happens to be the largest hospital on this planet too so that says something. I'm due to have a little boy. Bulma can rest easy. An heir is about to be born just a few short months from now. Trunks is a bit worried. He said being a daddy and running a company are two very different things. I hope so. I'd hate to see him initiate a hostile takeover of the dinner table. I assurred him that he'll do fine. He has all the right traits for being a great father. He just needs to act normal. Oh wait, is there a normal for him? Okay, now I'm nervous. Just kidding. We'll both do fine. And I'm never going to tell my father about that night before the wedding.The night my son was conceived. He'd pummel Trunks. I told my mother though. She let me in on a little secret. She and my dad did a very similar thing before their wedding night. In fact, I was conceived that night. Like father, like daughter eh? Okay, maybe I will tell dad. He has no argument against it now that I know that. Thanks mom!

I recently had a sonogram done. The little tike within me is, like his daddy, hung like a horse. Trunks gleamed with masculine pride when the doc said that. The child will also sport a tail. Trunks and I have decided it will remain. We haven't decided on a name yet, but Trunks seems fixed on Dante. He said, the tike was produced from the passionate inferno we had created that night in my room and that the events that led up to us getting together were a hell in their own right. I really don't want my child knowing that's how he was conceived, got his name, and that his daddy proposed to me while we were both naked and that all of it was on tape.The poor lad would end up sexually wounded before he even hit puberty.

So that's how "I got my man." I knew if I put it into writing that it would sound like a movie or something. Now that I look back and reread it, it is definite movie material. Nah, Trunks wouldn't go for it. He would want us to play "us." He would say nobody is as perfect as ourselves. His pride is still there afterall.

END. Fade to black.

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