It had been such a long time since it had happened. It hadn't mattered
to Gohan if Goku didn't care if he was dead. Gohan had heard him along
with the others when Goku said he didn't really want to be revived. Still,
it didn't matter to Gohan. He felt the worst kind of guiltiness of his
kind, loving father being dead. He had felt it through his half human,
half-saiyan blood that it was his fault this major event in his life
had happened. Gohan had tried to look on the bright side many times; he
was the strongest fighter among the best: Vegeta, Mirai Trunks, Piccolo, and
Goku. Still, it hadn't mattered to him. He had felt it was his fault his
strong, saiyan father was dead. There was nothing he could do about it now,
twenty years later. Maybe things had changed, maybe they hadn't. Maybe Goku,
or Kakarott as he called that person he had once loved so much now, had
came back for some unknown reason. Just maybe… Gohan only came to think
about this new thought just recently. Many times he had felt Goku's power
being alive again, each time getting higher and higher than the previous

Right now, Gohan was in Hell thinking about his wasted life, the one in
which he had been tortured so much. Thinking about how much he missed
his family and friends, how much he didn't. Thinking how much he loved them
and how much he now hated them. Thinking how much he was now so different
from all of them. He was not only focused on Goku, but on Vegeta and
Piccolo as well. He was not interested in them that much, though. It was their
power levels he was interested in. Gohan had developed this eccentric new
ability of being able to spy on his friends and family while he was sleeping.
But this didn't mean he could sleep well at all. Every time, every dream
he had ever had, had turned into the same nightmare he was being constantly
followed in his thoughts every day of his life since he had left planet
Earth; the nightmare of his life and afterlife: the one major event
that occurred on May 17. The day he had turned a Super Saiyan 2. The day his
father had been killed by Cell:

Chapter 1: The Escape

The feeling of terror and shame began when he was watching those last
precious moments of his father telling him to take care of his mom,
telling him basically he was about to die. Minutes later, after thinking he
and Cell were dead, Cell appeared again, this time challenging him to a
Kamehameha wave that would decide the fate of the world. With his
father's voice urging him to make his energy wave stronger by his side, Gohan
had defeated Cell. Although he had looked happy afterwards about the
defeat of Cell and his father looking over him, the thought of Goku being dead
was eating him up inside. Looking happy was just an act he was doing so
every one would think things would return to normal. An act of looking happy as
usual. Inside, Gohan could only think of getting away from those he
called family and friends, getting away from Earth. He only got the idea when
he saw Mirai Trunks getting in his time capsule about to go back to his
time. The only problem was that he didn't own a time machine. Remembering
how his father had died, he had decided to learn how to use the technique
Instant Transmission. It was really a risk he was taking. A risk of letting
others know what he was about to do. But he hadn't really cared. The feeling
of disgrace and sadness had literally becomed something he would always
have inside him forever. Eventually, he couldn't really keep it bottled up
inside the whole time of the last days he was on Earth. This was shown
by being quieter than usual, keeping to himself the whole time, not
visiting or talking to anyone, and losing his big appetite. There were some days
that he didn't really come home at all. Gohan had been most of the time
planning a plan of escape that at first he didn't realize that little by little
every one was noticing this changes in him. The last days he had been in
Earth, he noticed what the other Z fighters were noticing about him. Once
Piccolo had tried to get some info. out of him. He had taken Gohan to the
mountains where he spent a lot of time. That day he realized he had becomed
annoyed of everything and he was starting to behave like Vegeta.

"Gohan… Is there anything I should know about? Is there something
bothering you?" Gohan could still hear clearly those fatal words Piccolo had
asked him.

"No. I don't. Maybe you could do a favor for me instead," Gohan had
clearly said those words, choosing them carefully. He was really
trying to not loose his temper right then.

"A favor? Gohan… I've known you for a long time…. Something IS
bothering you. I DEMAND YOU TO TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!" Piccolo had shouted

"Piccolo…" Gohan stated ignoring him, " I was just wondering if you
could do me the favor of telling everyone to KEEP OUT OF MY BLASTED LIFE, OKAY?"
Gohan could recall that moment. After all that shouting, he had flown
off to the other side of Earth to think. Piccolo had been stunned.
Didn't ask him anything any more. But that didn't mean he wasn't spying on him
from Kami's lookout. Gohan could still remember how much it had hurt to say
that and how much it did afterwards. He hadn't gone home for days after

During those days he had learned how to do the Instant Transmission and
had been thinking about what he had said to Piccolo. The day he returned
home it was his final day in Earth. A horrible day to remember it was.
Every Z person was at his house. When he entered, everybody looked at him. He
didn't care. What he saw next was a sight never to forget. A sight
that urged him to get away from everybody. He gasped. It was a sight of
his new little brother, whose name would be Goten. He resembled Goku a lot.
Especially by his hair. Exactly like his father's. He had frozen for
a few minutes. Suddenly, a new thought had entered his half-human,

Gohan had obeyed that thought. He suddenly turned and ran toward the door.
He didn't care if his mother who hadn't done anything was shouting him to
stop, to come back. He hadn't really cared that much what she was shouting
at him but it was hurting him a lot running away from her. Hurting him that
he wouldn't see his family and friends in a long time or never.
Amazingly, Piccolo ran after him to tackle him and make him stop. What was more
amazing was that Vegeta did the same thing at the same time that
Piccolo did it! Maybe there is something in for him, Gohan thought. Running as fast
his legs could go, he was surprised who just appeared in front of him. It
was Mirai Trunks. It wasn't possible for Gohan. Mirai Trunks had just
left one year ago. Plus, Gohan was already about ten miles away from home…and
still running until now.

"Gohan! What are you doing? I just came back from my time to see how
everybody is doing and I find out that you are running away from your
home, for the third time…" Mirai Trunks had said to him.

"STOP TALKING AND CATCH HIM, TRUNKS!" Vegeta and Piccolo interfered,
still running full speed. Gohan suddenly remembered he was being chased and
he too started running, but this time transforming into a Super Saiyan.
at that moment as he converted also into a Super Saiyan. Suddenly without
thinking, Gohan had transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 in a split of a
second for no reason. Not even knowing what he was about to do, he turned
around and ran full speed toward Piccolo, Mirai Trunks, and Vegeta. Mirai
Trunks was the first of them he came up against to. Gohan looked inside of
him discovering that his Saiyan side was taking over. He was out of
control now, Gohan knew then. Not even him could stop what he was about to do.
He was obviously a slave to his own Saiyan genes. Not knowing what
atrocity he was doing, Gohan made a Destructo disk and cut off Mirai Trunks' left

Not caring about Mirai Trunks' cries of pain, Gohan sprang on to
Vegeta, who was distracted looking at his future son, and kicked him right on his
stomach sending him flying up into the air! Then, without even taking a
breath, he Masenkoed him, frying every bone in his body, but still
living him alive. He quickly turned to Piccolo, who was in shock. Not
wanting to but doing it, he Instant Transmissioned in front of Piccolo and blasted
a whole through him, and grabbed him by his antennas before flying off to
a big mountain, causing them to rip off his head. After a while, after
gaining control again and looking in despair at what he had just done,
Gohan was staring at his diabolical hand and at himself. He couldn't believe
what he had just done. Just another reason to escape from his friends and
family. At that moment, a thought just came running down into his
head: Is dad watching me? Not able to take this any longer, not able to watch
the atrocity he had just made, he had decided at that moment to just
continue the plan as he should of without looking back. It took him a while to
Instant Transmission out of Earth, to the account that where he wanted
to go to was VERY far. With tears of pain and terror running down his face,
he disappeared from Earth in less of second. He reappeared in what it
seemed like the other side of the universe.

But he hadn't Instant Transmissioned into an unknown planet, but into outer space itself. Perfect, Gohan
had thought, not even King Kai will know where I am. Then quickly, without
thinking he couldn't breathe, he gathered all of his strength from
every corner inside his body. Although he had a huge power level right then,
he had not been worried for anyone he knew to discover where he was, for
he knew he was millions and millions light years away from home. Home…
Gohan had thought, is no longer where it used to be. What he thought it was
going to be an easy plan was turning very difficult. He was hesitating.
That was a negative at that moment. He decided to ignore it the best way he
could. Doing what he thought it was right, he overpowered to continue his
ultimate demise: Self-Destruction. Hell is my new home now, he was thinking in
those terrifying moments. Boom. 1