The trials of andromeda 2

-The Next Thursday

"So Gohan what are you doing this weekend," Videl asked him as they were walking down
the street to the pizza parlor. "Oh nothing, just training as usual, why?" "Well, I thought
maybe I could come to her house for the weekend, maybe invite Vegeta over to train. "Sure
maybe so I just have to ask my mom first and you have to ask your dad,"

"Oh I am starting to hate him.(!!J) I think that he can't do martial arts to save his life and he
never fights or trains or spends any time with me. When my mom died it seemed like he
cared for about a whole day and that's about it. He started dating 3 days after she died and he
doesn't even acknowledge I exist. I feel like the only people in the world I have is you, Bulma,
and as strange as it may seem, Vegeta.I hate my dad so much," knowing that she got that off
her chest, she broke down and cried on Gohan's shoulder. He held her in his warm embrace,
"Videl, it's o.k. I care about you so much, you always have a home at mine if you need it."
Videl looked up at him and asked, "You…… care about me?" Gohan nodded his head. They
shared that warm embrace for a long time before they went to their homes.

-That Weekend
Gohan was outside Videls door when he rang the bell. It echoed through the large house until
a butler came and answered it. "Yes" "Is Videl here. Tell her it's Gohan." "Yes Sir. You may
have a seat," The British Butler said as he walked upstairs. "Hi Gohan," Videl called after him.
She was dressed in a simple white shirt but was, as usual, beautiful. "Are you readyVidel?
Mom said you can stay as long as you want to" "Yeah, lets go."
He felt happiness when she was around him. "My dad is going to be gone for about 3 months
and he's taking all of his servants so he said that I could stay with you guys the whole time,"
She said with a happy grin. Gohan ws so happy that he hugged her in midflight. He loved her
so much but she just didn't know it yet. "So what do we have planned for the next 2 or 3
days," Videl asked. "Well my mom likes the sound of you so much that she has organized a
get together for you to meet all the different family friends. We have so many, and I also have
to warn you that you might see some thing that might shock or overwhelm you but it is all true
and very real. I hope you learn some thing that I have been dying for you to know," Gohan said
with some intent, "Videl you are my best friend and I am bringing you into my world now and it
is sort of weird. It won't be today but tomorrow that you will find out all this stuff they are going
to act no different than they regularly would. Is that OK? "Yeah sure it is. I have been wanting
to know about your life for so long. It's been so secretive. Thank you Gohan, and I can't wait to
meet them all. Let's hurry," Videl said and picked up speed. They were nearing his house
where his mother was outside waiting for him. She saw them coming into land and moved out
of the way. They landed and Gohan introduced Videl to Chi-Chi, "Mom, this is Videl Videl this
is my Mom, Chi-Chi." "Nice to meet you, Gohan has told me so much about you," Gohan
Blushed at her remark, "You can call me Chi-Chi." "OK. Nice to meet you Chi-Chi," Videl said
politely. Goten ran out and Chi-Chi introduced him and Videl introduced herself. "My you sure
are cute you know that you look like Gohan," Videl said. Both Gohan and Goten blushed at
this remark. "Come on I'll show you to your room that you'll be staying in," He said as he
picked up her Duffel bag, When she got there and unpacked, he showed her around the
house. It was pretty big with about eleven rooms.(A/N: I know it wasn't that big in the show
but remember this is just a fanfic, anything can happen.) But that weekend they would all be
full with all the company they were having. "Hey Gohan, you want to go take a look around
the countryside before night," Videl asked. "Sure," Gohan replied, "There is this great place I
wanted to show you, it's a long way away, but it's pretty cool." "Well let's go."

"Wow, it's so beautiful," Videl said as she lookked up at the stars. It was now dark and they
were still looking up at the stars. "You know," Videl started, "I feel like you guys are my close
family already when I'm around you guys. You are so nice to me Gohan , and without me I
don't know what I'd do. Don't ever leave me Gohan." "Oh Videl, I don't know how you feel
about me but," He finally built up enough courage to tell her this and he sighed, "I Love You."
With that Videl started to cry and she hugged Gohan. He felt that a rejection was coming, but
it didn't ever come. "Videl, Why are you crying, did I hurt you?" "No I'm crying because I'm
happy. You are the first to really love me since my mom died. Gohan I Love You Too." Then
they kissed very soft and passionate but then they became more demanding and hard
suddenly, Gohan couldn't help himself, and he bit her of the shoulder and lapped up the blood
from the wound. Suddenly she bit him back. She lapped up his blood and they laid to where
the wounds were touching each other and the blood was mixed together, and instantly they
both drifted off to sleep in one anothers arms. They each dreamed of the other one's
memories and past. Gohan dreamed about when her mother died and her father ignoring her
and how she had met him and about what she was thinking. Videl dreamed about Radditz,
Vegeta, and Nappa coming to earth about how horrible Frieza was and how stupid the Ginyu
force is. She dreamed about he androids and how Gohan had killed cell and she lastly
dreamed about how he had met her. Only none of it was a dream and both knew that in some
weird way. That night they had mated like Sayins do.