The trials of andromeda 1

The young man dodged the older man's ki blast that flew by and incinerated the mountain
behind him instantly when it hit. His speed was incredible and the other older man could
barely match it, but that infuriated him to the highest extent. The young man fired a ki blast
and it hit it's target knocking the older man to the ground.

"Awwww, come on Vegeta, you can do better than that and I know it," 17 year old Gohan
commented with a laugh. "Shut up kidI was just busy all night and that's what wrong," Vegeta
commented with anger in his voice. "Whatever," Gohan simply stated, "Let's go Bulma,
probably has lunch ready by now." They started flying back to Capsule Corp.

"Kid, you make me so mad at times that I could and should kill you, if it just wasn't that you
are the only one on this planet worthy of being my sparring partner." Gohan just left it at that,
realizing that was the closest thing to a compliment he would ever receive from Vegeta.

Vegeta had lightened up a bit since the Cell Games and was strangely becoming almost like
a halfway father to him. Gohan knew that Vegeta liked him, but knew he would never admit it.
He liked sparring with Vegeta realizing like Vegeta did that he was the only one on the planet
the was close to his power except for maybe Piccolo. He liked hanging around with Vegeta,
learning about Sayin customs and also he liked sparring with Vegeta too. It seemed that
Vegeta had a soft spot for only three people in his life. Bulma, Gohan and Trunks. Even
though Vegeta liked him he still maintained his nickname, Brat.

"So Kid," hearing Vegeta's nickname for him, "don't you start school in about a month?" "Why
yes Vegeta, how did you know," Gohan asked thinking that Vegeta didn't pay attention to that
type of thing. "Well, because so does Trunks, he's been dreading it and quite frankly, I don't
blame him," Vegeta replied, "Well, will you be able to come and spar with me every day on
our usual schedule, or will you be going on silly dates like teenagers usually do?" "I hope so if
mom let's me and as for the dates, I hope I get to go on a couple of them, but I most likely will
be able to maintain our regular schedule," Gohan said with hope in his eyes. "Well good I
hope that I get to because I won't have anything else all day." "Goten's been looking forward
to school a lot he wants to make some new friends, he says that he wants more than just
Trunks as his only friend," Gohan said. "Well you should find a good mate if you wear tight
fitting clothes for them to recognize your muscles and not to hold back any of your strength.
Also, you should be as polite as you usually are, the girls like all that because I went to an
earth gym once to see what it was like and they flocked around me," Vegeta said.(A/N: This
is not a gay remark.) "Thanks Vegeta, you are probably right, although I only want to get one
girlfriend and keep her." "Hey kid you want to race, I will beat you though but you probably
already know that though," Vegeta said with a smirk on his face. "Sure you will Vegeta, just
like you did last time as I recall and the time before that and the time before that. Ready. Set.

Gohan had won again and they landed at the huge Capsule Corp. building and walked inside
to see the astonished face of a girl that looked about Gohan's age. It was love at first site for
both of them, and Bulma and Vegeta could see that. Gohan studied her beautiful and angelic
face and figure.(She is the most beautiful person in the world. I think I'm in love.) Videl studied
his almost topless, muscular figure with intent. He was more muscular and handsome than
anyone she had seen in her life. (Wow he is one handsome guy. I think I'm in love with
him.)"Oh Videl, don't mind them they super powers and they can do that type of thing. You
better get used to that type of thing if you are going to be sparring with them so please keep
that in mind," Bulma said, "Vegeta, she is the one I have been telling you about and
apparently you haven't told Gohan." "Nope, I figured I'd let him figure it out on his own,"
Vegeta said as he watched Gohan stare at Videl and Videl staring at Gohan. Bulma had met
her at the gym when she sawe her doing martial arts with other people and she asked if she
was interested and she said sure. Bulma introduced them, "Videl, this is my husband,
Vegeta and our good, good friend Gohan. Gohan, Vegeta, this is Videl. Gohan, she is about
your age." They both nodded in response. How did you two get those powers because I want
to learn them? Please teach me all your techniques, my father will not train me and I need to
get ready for the World Martial Arts Tournament. The way that Bulma puts it, you two are
very, very, strong." "Well, I sense that you are pretty strong so Vegeta, how 'bout it," Gohan
asked Vegeta. "Well, why the hell not.

"Hey Mom, I'm home," Gohan said as he walked into his house and greeted his mother that
was in the kitchen. "Hey Gohan," The miniature Goku said as he hugged his big brothers leg.
"Hey Squirt," Gohan greeted him with his normal nickname. He walked in the kitchen and
hugged and kissed his mother. "What did you do today," His Mother asked him. "Oh well me
and Vegeta trained a lot and I met someone new named Videl. She is pretty dern strong for a
human. I'd catagorize her about the fifth strongest in the world. We trained a good bit with her
and we are currently teaching her how to fly and how to use her ki. She is pretty good about it
and," Gohan said not knowing what he was about say he would regret for the rest of his life, "I
kind of like her too." Once he said it as soon he already regretted it because he saw the look
in her and Goten's eyes. "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH," they said in unison. "Gohan's
got a girlfriend, Gohan's got a girlfriend," Goten ran around screaming over and over again. He
knew he would never hear the end of it.


-3 weeks Later

"Come on Videl, you can't let that wuss beat you," Gohan said hoping his trick would work.
"Why kid I ought to-." His trick worked. Videl landed a kick square in the face. He brought
Vegeta's guard completely down long enough to land her hardest kick ever right on his nose.
"She won," Gohan said as he snickered. Videl and Gohan had grown very close over those
past weeks. They were already becoming real good friends. "Let's go eat, I'm starved. We've
been training a lot today and Vegeta you're getting rusty," Gohan said even though he knew
that if they fought her at their full strength in regular form she would already be dead. They
walked down from the training room at Capsule corp. and into the kitchen where some of
Bulma's robots were making a huge lunch for them. "I can't wait for the tournament to come
all of the strongest people in the world will be there. I hope I can wait for another two