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boobsign.jpg (29046 bytes) a DBZ voice actor autograph session. A cosplayer "Great Saiyaman 2/Videl" gets a 'personal' signature from Chris Sabat (Vegeta/Piccolo/Yamcha). Also seen in image is Meredith McCoy (Android 18) and Mike McFarland (Yajirobe/Master Roshi).

ff.jpg (6493 bytes) Final Fantasy CosPlayer who turned heads in the halls.

trigun.jpg (8254 bytes) Trigun CosPlayer who coursed the halls.

mtxwork.jpg (24771 bytes)An amuzing & creative "what if" Mirai Trunks had to work for things?

saiyateam.jpg (8056 bytes)The Great SaiyaTeam in trademark poses. Is it just me or did Gohan get too much "Son?" (I know bad pun...oh well)

sailorgroup.jpg (13982 bytes)SailorMoon cosplay group. Something has to be said for suiting up in numbers eh?

sheraton.jpg (44210 bytes)The Sheraton Park Central Hotel, Home to part of Akon 12

westin.jpg (27776 bytes) The Westin Park Central Hotel. Home to the other part of Akon 12

dfw.jpg (14133 bytes) My 'ride' at the DFW Airport. One AmericanAirlines MD-80 at your service.

That's all folks! (there would've been more, but ah, well I sat too far back in the CosPlay and I kept forgetting to bring my camera with me when I left the room to attend stuff).