Mirai Trunks & Gohan in traditional garb

As I continue being a webmaster for two Dragonball-related sites, I have come to notice the general demographics of the fanbase of this series. The majority of fans of this series are teenagers and pre-teens. While that's no surprise since for the most part, that's the target age range the producers of the show were aiming for, what is surprising, is the amount of ignorance many have upon realizing that someone out of that age range may find the show equally fascinating. I was in part inspired to write this editorial upon hearing about the retirement of the "Dragonball Uncensored" website. Its webmaster is in his mid twenties and also noticed the age demographic differences and perspectives that I also have.

In reference to the demographics for this series, I may as well be a senior citizen. I'm perhaps one of the oldest Dragonball webmasters still maintaining a site(s) on the web. Many younger fans may wonder why an "adult" may take interest in what is generally termed a "kids" show. But what they miss is that we "adults" have been anime fans for a while now. Some of us remember when Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets and perhaps even Speed Racer aired on US television. Many current anime fans in the teen range weren't even born yet. Dragonball is an anime and a series flexible and developed enough to see it from several perspectives. There's depth to the characters, interactions and emotions, and character age ranges that allow for fans of all ages to relate in some way, shape, or form. It's not merely a kids show, but rather a decent piece of anime. Anime is anime, regardless of when it was made. So, if one's a devout anime fan and maintains interest as the years progress one may start out an anime fan in their early/late teens and end up still a fan by their late twenties and beyond.

Also, as I read over some comments from fellow fans, I notice the lack of patience within them. They often fail to notice the "About Me" sections of a site such as mine. Many of us older anime fans/webmasters are also in what is termed the "Real World" and no, I don't mean the MTV show. Many of us are in college or working or both. I myself, am in the humble beginnings of a career after finally attaining a hard-earned Bachelor's Degree in college. I work full-time, live on my own without parents nearby, and must deal with constant and regular responsibilities of what all that entails. Yet, I can look back and reflect on what it is like to be a teen since I once was one. I remember the carefree high school days (yes, they are carefree...teens think they are stressed and busy in high school...just wait for the real world). And so, I can often reply to teens on their level, but can they see mine? Do they look that far ahead and imagine themselves doing what their parents are doing? That is what some of us older anime fans wonder. We can put ourselves in the shoes of the younger fan, but will the imaginations of the younger fan allow them to place themselves in our shoes?

But, despite my hectic schedule, I do find time to de-stress by engaging in my hobby of anime fandom. I set aside time to write fanfictions, draw fanart, and so forth. What I ask for those who read or visit my site is to have patience. I can't always update when I want to , or complete a chapter when I thought I would. As many who have read my fanfictions know, I tend to leave awful cliffhangers. This is a style I adapted so that I too, will be willing to return to writing more on a story even despite being tired or stressed. It's a way of pushing myself into posting on a fairly regular basis. I too, want to know how it's going to come out. I usually 'write on the wing' as the saying goes meaning, I don't plan too far ahead in my stories. I know the beginning and usually the very end, but I fill in the in-between with no planning whatsoever. I just use what flows in my head at the time. So yes, I'm often anxious to see how it's going to turn out too. But I'm just one example of how I manage my time to maintain a Dragonball site for fans to enjoy. I know for a fact that some even have teams and delegate tasks out so that a site can be regularly updated. For me, that's not an option, but it works for some.

Before I get too far of topic though, I just want fans of all ages to realize that there are lives beyond the internet and respect each other. And most of all, have patience. Rome wasn't built in a day y'know. Relax and enjoy what's out there so far. And always remember, "Good things come to those who wait."